Dear Tango Tia: Last night I danced with someone I’ve partnered many times but this time was different. It felt like she was a part of me rather than just dancing with me. Our connection was more intimate than anything I’ve ever felt and it seemed like there was no one in the room except us. After the tanda and an extra long embrace, I changed my shoes and left because it wasn’t going to get any better and I wanted to savor what I’d just experienced. Why isn’t dancing with her like that every time? Amazed

Dear Amazed: That is a great question…and if I knew the answer I would be a famous wizard making a fortune selling the formula. However, tango, like life and love, is not always about knowing the answers, which can make it devilishly frustrating and uniquely intriguing. There is no definitive way of explaining why we feel connected at the central nervous system with a partner one time and only at one or two molecules the next. Whatever was in motion that created your magic, you can hope will return, but don’t hold your breath. Like falling in love…all preparations are of no gain unless the appropriate energy force, that, by the way, you have no control over, is in place in just the right amount at just the right moment. (I have no definition of “appropriate energy force” I just know it exists and shows up now and then.)

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