Annoyed by Partners Who Look Around

Dear Tango Tia: What should I do when my follower starts looking around the room while we’re dancing and not paying attention to me or the music? Some women do this every time we dance. It’s very distracting and makes me feel like they would rather be dancing with someone else or are searching for their next victim, I mean, partner. Annoyed By Partners Who Look Around 

Dear Annoyed: Assuming you are providing an interesting, well-led, musical, dance, and assuming you know that some women have ADD, why are you dancing with anyone who does this repeatedly? First time? Ok, you didn’t see it coming. After that, you gotta know which ones will probably do the same thing again. Women (and men) who constantly “seek” are more interested in who they WILL be dancing with than who they ARE dancing with. Watch the floor (when you’re not dancing, of course) for women who are tuned in to their leader then fine tune your selection process.


  1. Tango Tia says

    Agree, Jan. She may not have a clue why a partner would do that, but as long as they tolerate her behavior, she will have no cause to examine what she’s doing.

  2. Jantango says

    I suggest thanking her after the first dance and walking her back to the table. Who wants to dance with someone who isn’t present with you?

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