Aromas Affect Me

Dear Tango Tia: One of my favorite partners smokes and the smell lingers on their clothes and in their hair. I can smell it when we dance close and I don’t want to hurt their feelings or insult them but is there any way I can let them know how unpleasant it is? Aromas Affect Me

Dear Aromas: How often do you dance with this person? Do you think if you told them straight out that they would understand and fix it? Or would they be insulted and not want to dance with you again? Which is more important: dancing with them or not smelling smoke? We would assume that no one wants to offend anyone with unpleasant aromas,and we would hope that they would want to know if they were making someone uncomfortable. If this is true about the person you are talking about, then they will appreciate your telling them. If they get offended, they may not have been such a great partner as you thought.


  1. Flip says

    One of my class partners has halitosis. What a long six weeks of sessions. Can I survive? Holding my breath.

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