Can’t Get Their Attention

Dear Tango Tia: I’m male, age 57, medium height, slender and average looking. Well groomed and dress neatly. I’ve danced tango about six months and when I try to get a follower’s attention long enough to make eye contact, they look away. How am I supposed to get experience if no one will dance with me? Can’t Get Their Attention

Dear Can’t Get Their Attention: At six months you are in infant in the tango world. Cabeceo is Spanish word for making eye contact with someone long enough for you to ask them to dance by subtle gesture or, if it’s not a purist follower, to verbally invite them to dance. Your best bet is sticking with women in your classes who know the level you are at, and becoming comfortable with partners who you can laugh at mistakes with. It’s not easy making fun of missteps with followers who are more experienced than you are. All men go through this stage, and it will pass. Spend time in group and private lessons and at practicas. Every floor mile pays off eventually. As followers watch you progress, they will be more interested in dancing with you and the tables will turn when you have reached a certain level. They will be asking YOU to dance.


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