Connection…More Than An Emotional Feeling?

Dear Tango Tia:
Some experienced dancers in our community talk about connection in tango but only describe it as an emotional feeling. Aren’t there other things in the dance that make it a better experience for our partner? It’s not just a “feeling” is it?
Dear Wondering, 

There is much more to connection than a feeling. In fact, physical and mental connections lay the foundation for developing an emotional connection. Physical connection involves exchanging clear, accurate information from axis to axis and feeling physically and emotionally safe while doing so. Mental connection involves being in sync with our self, our partner and the music. The connections combined create trust. When we trust someone who we are on the same wave length with, an emotional connection becomes possible. You will know when all three are in place, and you will want it to happen again and again. It’s not something you can plan or count on,  or know how long it will last. One of tango’s unpredictable pleasures. Tango Tia

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