I Wish They Would Let Me Lead

Dear Tango Tia: How do I get my partners to relax and just let me lead? They keep changing weight or start to move on their own like they know what I’m going to do next. It throws me off and I can’t tell what foot they’re on. What should I do when this happens?–I Wish They Would Let Me Lead

Dear Wish: Have you tried following? It’s no picnic either. Especially if the leader is unclear or hesitates. When that happens, most women will do something, anything, to try to figure out what they are supposed to do. And unless they’ve danced long enough or with you enough times to know what you’re going to do (not a good way of learning) they will likely make the wrong decision. Make sure your leads are clear, that you give your partner time to land completely before leading the next move. Also, you decide who you dance with, so remember which partners do let you lead and spend most or all of your time with them. A private lesson or two will let you know if you are giving clear leads.

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