Lost in Rotation

Dear TangoTia: I’m a beginner and recently went to my first tango festival.  I spent a lot of money to get there and when I went to the first class there were too many men and so was not able to practice with a woman follower.  The instructor seemed to ignore the situation and I was so put off and humiliated by it that I stayed in my room for pretty much the rest of the festival.  I left having nothing to show for my trip except my credit card bills.  Should I express my displeasure to the festival organizer or the instructor?–Lost in Rotation

Dear Lost in Rotation: Tango can be a “cruel sport” and women suffer this indignity all the time.  For the few times it’ll happen to you, it should only make you more compassionate and emphatic to the follower’s plight.  Tango, like in life, requires one to be proactive and resilient.  Yes, it was unfortunate that the instructor did not have the skills to manage partner rotation, and it would be helpful for you to mention this both to the instructor and the organizer, but to miss out on the rest of the festival and it’s many wonderful opportunities to dance, learn and meet new people is inexcusable.

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