Mayhem Mary

Dear Tango Tia: Last night’s milonga was a disaster. I kept losing my balance, the music was mostly songs I’d never heard before and didn’t like, several partners held me too tight to breathe, and I got a hole in my brand new fish nets. I’ve been dancing for about six months, but if this is what it’s going to be like, why should I continue? Does this kind of stuff happen to anyone else or am I some kind of disaster magnet? Please advise.–Mayhem Mary

Dear Mayhem: Cheer up. We all have sob stories about nights we wished we’d stayed home. It goes with the territory. Tango is not a simple “go dance, go home” game. There are many sides to it and some of them are not as pretty or pleasurable as others. So, just figure there’s going to be a lousy night now and then and learn to stick it out, or when things start feeling like a disaster closing in, change shoes, go home, put on music you do like, have some nice wine and hope it will all be better next time. It usually is or the milonga floors would be empty.

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