Should I Go

Dear Tango Tia: I’m a female over 40 and considering attending my first festival in another state but I’ve heard that the gender balance is way off at these events. Would it be worth my time and money to go or should I stay in town where I’ll get to dance at least a few tandas each night. Should I Go 

Dear Should I: Some events are gender balanced, and festivals are, in general, a good way to meet friends and partners from other areas.  They are also a good way to arrange for places to stay if you return on non-festival dates. Read/ask/research as much as possible for those you seriously consider attending. There are benefits to taking classes from teachers you are not familiar with and many other things that make the ventures worthwhile. Although…no guarantees of getting to dance as much as you want. But there are no guarantees about that for anyone, including men.

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