Where’s the Magic?

Tango Tia: I’ve danced tango almost a year and have yet to experience any kind of  “magic” that people rave about. Between deciding what to lead, keeping track of which foot my partner is on, listening to the music  and watching the traffic, there’s no time to “feel” anything. Is “tango magic” real and if so, how can I make it happen? Where’s the Magic?

Dear Where’s: Ah, yes…The Magic…Anyone who has experienced it will tell you it’s like no other feeling on this or any other planet. (We’ll take their word on that.) Tango Magic cannot be “made” to happen. It might occur with someone you’ve danced with for the first or hundredth time provided certain things are in alignment: music, partner, mood, X factors. It may last a second, a song, a set, or somewhere between. Beware: it is neither stable or reliable. You might dance with the same partner dozens of times and pffft, nothing. Then…out of the blue…bliss! Your feelings about tango will change considerably once you have felt it and you will never again question its existence. In fact, you may one day find yourself trying to describe it to someone who asks the same question.