Acceptable Tango

Dear Tango Tia: My husband and I are in a beginners tango course, and I have fallen in love with tango. Except last night there was a new (young, pretty and talented) girl without a partner in the class. From the start of our first dance he would not stop staring at her. It became so uncomfortable that I excused myself in the middle of the dance. When I returned he was standing next to this girl smiling, with the teacher commenting on their close embrace dance. We don’t dance close embrace yet in this class. I felt humiliated but sucked it up and finished the class vowing that I would not return. I know the insecurity is my own but was his behavior acceptable? Acceptable Tango

Dear Acceptable Tango: In a word: Yikes! He’s either clueless about how his behavior affects you or is aware but doesn’t care. Perhaps a non-accusatory discussion to see what planet he’s residing on. If he’s clueless, wake him up. If he gets defensive, decide whether his redeeming qualities (assuming he has some) will earn him a Get Out of Jail Free card. Once.