Tortured Toes

Tango Tia: I love my tango shoes but my toes keep getting banged in to and the pain is excruciating. One guy kicked me so hard I lost a toe nail. Is there anything I can do to keep this from happening? Tortured Toes

Note to Men: Could she be talking about you? Do you bump your follower’s feet and think it’s her fault because she needs to take larger steps?  Do you reach forward with your legs and feet instead of from your axis? Not sure? Then you are definitely leading from the floor up and likely to cause injury. Initiating steps from the top down is a must for keeping your ladies’ safe, and making you a more desirable partner. Not that you asked, but it would be good for you to move this to the top of your “Ways I can lead better” list.

Dear Tortured: Exposed toes are completely vulnerable however, you can improve your chances of protecting them by staying tilted toward your partner when walking back. (Weight forward on the balls of your feet, keep your back straight.) The best protection is prevention so keep track of who the owners of flailing feet are and move them to the bottom (or off of) your “Yes, I’d love to dance” list.