Hippie from Houston

Dear TangoTia: I’ve been a bit of of a hippie all my life and just recently fell in love with tango.  Unfortunately, my Birkenstocks don’t seem to be accepted and feel it displays a bit of class prejudge toward me.  Do I really have to spend $300 for a pair of 4 inch Comme il Faut just to get a dance?–Hippie from Houston

Dear Hippie: The short answer is, “yes”.  But it doesn’t have to be Comme il Faut.  There are other comfortable and less expensive tango shoes available. (Try doing a Google search for tango shoes.)   But for sure you need something more elegant and secure on the feet than sandals or flip-flops.  So ditch the Birkenstocks (at least while on the dance floor) and, oh, BTW don’t forget to shave under your arms!


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