Too Tense

Tango Tia: Some of my partners say I need to relax and I wish I could, but I’m afraid I’ll miss a step or change my weight at the wrong time or lose my balance. How is it possible to relax with all that going on in my head? Too Tense

Dear Too Tense: So, you have a stifling fear of being sent off to the Dungeon for Follower Misfits if you miss a step? Unless you belong to the elite group of Perfect Followers, you will make an occasional misstep, and, Good News: you will still be allowed on the dance floor with all the other Imperfect Followers. Smart Imperfects find humor in their less-than-Kodak-worthy moments and accept their missteps as moments of learning. Follow their example and know that even the most confident-appearing tangueras are challenged by tango. On your way to becoming confident, breathe in…and out…and in…and

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