Women Who Quit Taking Lessons

Dear Tango Tia,
I have been dancing tango for 8 years. I continue taking lessons to learn new moves but primarily to improve my technique. Many women in our community quit taking lessons when they feel they can follow most leaders. Most of them cannot follow advanced moves if they have no clue what is led. Am I expecting too much?  Frustrated
Dear Frustrated, 
I understand your frustration. Women who resign from taking lessons will remain at the same level no matter how many tricks, kicks or embellishments they are led through. Attempting to learn tango “by doing” is like learning to paint “by number.” There is no foundation or understanding of how/why things work. Perhaps there is a follower who you enjoy dancing with enough to invite her to take a class that you will be taking, as your partner. (Who pays for it is up to you.) It might inspire someone who has the potential of becoming a great follower to get back on track.  Meanwhile, your continued effort to become the best partner you can be is highly commendable. Bravo! Tango Tia

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